High School Baseball Game Ends 82-0. Coach Says He Tried to be Merciful

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On the surface, an extremely lopsided score at a high school baseball team suggests one team may have let things get out of hand. However, the coach insists his team did everything they could to prevent the slaughter from happening, even going as far as to say, “I’m sick to my stomach over this.”

The game resulted in a new state record for the largest margin victory. At the end of the game, Old Rochester High School of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts had defeated Notre Dame Cristo Rey in Lawrence by a score of 82-0.

By the second inning, Old Rochester was ahead by 32 runs, leading Steve Carvalho to instruct his team to start using damage-limitation measures.

“We really tried everything possible,” said Carvalho. “We told the kids don’t take extra bases, no sprinting. We even had kids bunting, and they couldn’t make the routine plays.”

“We had kids hitting balls 300 feet and jogging to first,” he continued. “We even asked that they stop the game after four innings and they said no.”

“Believe me, we exhausted all options in our power.”

Part of the reason for the massive score disparity was the result of a scheduling mistake. Old Rochester is a Division 3 team and has a well-established athletics program, according to a report by NESN.

Cristo Rey is part of Division 4 and comes from a school with only 103 male students.

Before the start of the season, Carvalho believed he had scheduled a game between Old Rochester and the Boston, Massachusetts Notre Dame Cristo Rey school. He only realized the error right as his team was preparing to face off with the Lawrence-based Cristo Rey team.

“We had 18 games, and we were searching for a 19th game,” said Carvalho. “We looked at the MIAA website and saw that Cristo Rey was looking for a game. I noticed they were 11-8 and made the tournament. I didn’t realize at the time that there were two Cristo Reys.”

The teams are scheduled to meet again on May 19, this time in Rochester. Carvalho asserted that he is going to ensure that the next game doesn’t have the same outcome.

“No way am I using my varsity,” Carvalho stated. “We will play the game with our junior varsity.”