Hero Son Saves Mom From Rapist During Home Invasion

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A home invasion didn’t go as planned for the perpetrator. The would-be rapist attacked a woman in her suburban home. He managed to subdue the woman, but not her 15-year-old son. The boy not only stopped the attack on his mother, but he managed to restrain the assailant and hold him until police arrived.

The incident happened in Robinson, Texas, last Thursday night.

“The brave 15-year-old and his mother were at home in Robinson, a suburb southeast of Waco, when the would-be attacker walked shortly after 11pm through an unlocked door and threatened the woman,” The Daily Mail writes.

When the police arrived, they found the boy with John Wayne Morris, 37, in a stranglehold.

Morris had told the woman that her children were being watched. If she didn’t comply with his demands, Morris said, her kids would be killed.

This wasn’t true. In fact, Morris hadn’t been watching the 15-year-old who took him down.

Morris was arrested and will face a charge of burglary with intent to commit a sexual act. Police believe the attack was random and that Morris had no previous connection to the family.

“She [the victim] said that Morris threatened her by telling her that he had someone watching her children and that they would kill them,” Robinson Police Chief Phillip Prasifka said.

“[She] stated that she was afraid to fight back because she was afraid that her children would be harmed.”

After the attack, a friend spoke to reporters about the incident and indicated that all three of the woman’s children fought the attacker. Yet it was the 15-year-old that remained in the fight. When police arrived, the mother and two of her kids were outside. The 15-year-old was inside, and police found him with both hands locked around Morris’s neck.