Hero McDonald’s Employee Jumps Through Drive-Thru Window To Save Off-Duty Miami Cop [VIDEO]

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A Miami-area McDonald’s employee is being hailed as a hero after he jumped through a drive-thru window when he noticed a customer having breathing problems in her SUV.

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The woman in the vehicle had her two kids in the back, and had picked up her food without incident. Yet the observant drive-thru worker noticed her grasping at her throat as if she might be chocking.

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Then her foot slipped off the brake, and her SUV rolled forward. That’s when he deftly jumped through the window of the drive-thru and ran to her assistance.

“I see she’s like inflating her neck, like trying to breathe, like ‘ahh,’ and basically I thought something was going wrong,” Pedro Viloria told Local 10 News.

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After lurching forward, the car hit a curb. Viloria was able to see she needed more help than he could provide, and so he ran back inside to call an ambulance.

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Luckily, the car behind them in the drive-thru lane was driven by a paramedic who was able to rush to her assistance. And then an off-duty fireman and his partner showed up for food, too. Once they heard what was happening, they rushed to help, too.

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The woman in the car turned out to be a Miami police officer. And she had lost conciseness. One of the McDonald’s employees knew and performed CPR before the other professionals arrived on the scene, and one of them had a defibrillator which was used to revive the officer.

The woman, who has not been identified, was taken to a local hospital and is expected to recover.

Viloria, for his part, is very modest about his heroic actions. Everyone who has seen the video credits his fast response with getting the woman the care she needed quickly enough to save her life.