Meet the Hero Firefighter Who Took Down the South Carolina Elementary School Gunman

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Townville Elementary, a rural South Carolina elementary school, has been added to the long list of schools that have become scenes of violence after a suicidal teenager went on a shooting rampage.

The shooter reportedly killed his father before shooting two children and a teacher in the elementary school. Yet Townville’s story is marked by a true tale of heroism. A local firefighter we arrived on scene took the gunman down.


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The 14-year-old gunman, who has not been identified becasue of his age, was not killed. He didn’t get to commit suicide, as so many school shooters do. The initial reports said that the shooter as apprehended “without incident.” Yet that’s not exactly true.

Jamie Brock, a 30-year veteran volunteer firefighter from Townville , answered the call. He engaged with the gunman and tackled him. An unarmed man risked his own life to save the lives of others.


Jacob Hall, one six-year-old who was shot, released this statement: “We appreciate the community’s support, especially the Townville Rescue Squad who treated Jacob onsite and brought him to the hospital. We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers and ask for privacy during this difficult time.”


Police were called just before 2pm on Wednesday, to answer the report of an active shooter. As is common in rural communities, the volunteer firefighters heard the call on their scanners. Brock was one of the first on the scene.


The shooting happened on the school’s playground, where the shooter jumped a fence. He fired several rounds into and yelled “I hate my life! I hate my life! I hate my life!”He then began targeting his victims.



Brock’s rapid response, and incredible bravery prevented the shooter from ever entering the school itself, and ended the threat.

Before arriving at the school, the shooter killed his father–47-year-old Jeffrey Osborne. Osborne was found shot dead at his home.


The two students were life-flighted to the hospital. The teacher, Meghan Hollingsworth, was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. Hall (pictured above) remains in critical condition. Hollingsworth and the other student have been released from the hospital.


The video below is interesting, if only for its abrupt end. When a reporter asks if he the shooter was taken down by a firefighter, the press handler shuts it down. Instantly.