Hero Cop Shot by ISIS Throws Out Epic First Pitch While Arm is Still in Sling [VIDEO]

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Philadelphia Police Officer Jesse Hartnett made news in January when he was shot by an ISIS supporter right here in the United States. The entire incident was captured on surveillance cameras. [Scroll Down For Video]

Hartnett, despite suffering from gunshot wounds, got out of his car, opened fire on the suspect, and gave chase. Hartnett managed to land one of his shots which led to the suspect being captured.

Now, just a few short months later and with his arm stiff in a sling from the January incident, Hartnett was asked to throw out the opening pitch at the Philadelphia Phillies baseball game.

Getting a pitch across home plate is something many healthy men, including President Barack Obama, have struggled with in the past.

Despite his left arm being in a sling, Hartnett got the ball across home plate and into the catcher’s mitt with a decent amount of force.

Then, using the powers of his epic mustache, Hartnett got down on one knee and convinced his girlfriend to marry him (Hartnett that is, not the mustache, although that’s part of the deal).