Here’s Why Strippers are Going On Strike in NYC

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Strippers may not have a union where they can resolve work discrepancies, but that isn’t stopping them from going on strike. But why go on strike? Well, it seems there is a new wave of bartenders who are reportedly stealing tips right out from under them. They claim they are being treated unfairly by management.

The strippers in New York City are not big fans of “bottle service girls.” These girls dress similar to the strippers but never take any clothes off and are usually your go-to girl for getting any high price VIP service.

Strippers who spoke to the Washington Post claimed that these bottle service girls are nothing more than scantily clad strippers.

The city strippers have also claimed that they have to pay management just to take the stage, something the bottle service girls do not. As is customary in today’s society, the strippers have argued that race is playing a pivotal part in how they are worked.

According to the Daily Mail, the strippers claim that they are predominantly black, while the bottle service girls are either white or Hispanic.

In turn, the strippers have taken to social media to show the world that they are not being treated equally. Oddly enough though, none of the strikers have actually stopped working as they claim the money is too good to pass up — we’re not joking.

The bottle girls also have hundreds of thousands of followers on social media accounts which they use to promote themselves and get more people to come in and tip them for their services, according to Business Insider.

Back in the early 2000s, strippers would be making anywhere for $1,500 to $1,000 a night at a popular club in New York, but since the rise of the bottle girls, the dancers can only expect to make $400-500 a night.

The war between bottle service girls and strippers escalates when bottle girls tell their patrons not to tip the strippers. The battle between these two may be long from over but its anyone’s game to win.