Here are 20 Game Changing Business Ideas from “Bored Elon Musk”.

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Elon Musk gets bored. Rich people with big rockets typically do. Yet when Musk gets bored, he doesn’t content himself by watching endless streams of FAIL videos on auto-play. Musk gets creative. And there’s a Twitter stream devoted to his boredom. What makes Musk different is that many of his “bored Elon Musk” ideas seem really marketable.

Tanning lotion with nano popcorn seeds mixed in. Starts popping and wakes you if you fall asleep in the sun too long.

Is it really Musk? The channel describes itself as the “thoughts and inventions from Elon in his downtime. This is a futuristic hyper-parody account.”

Glass doors that quickly become opaque when detecting someone is about to walk into it.

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Coffee app that connects to a blood monitor and mobile orders for you when your caffeine rate dips below a certain level.

Venus fly trap planter picnic salad bowl.

Thesaurus that analyzes the intelligence of the recipient of your email and upgrades/downgrades vocabulary accordingly.

Screens in elevators that play random YouTube clips timed to the length of your ride.

Vertical buildings that allow multiple people to live in one space instead of two million dollar shacks.

Search engine that only displays sites that don’t block you from accessing content if you have Adblock installed.

LinkedIn filter that blocks users from posting on a certain subject unless they actually have X number of years experience in that subject on their profile.

Spray on gift wrap.

Conference phones that automatically slide away from people who don’t realize they speak at a deafening volume.

Refrigerator centrifuge for condiment bottles.

Portable solar fanbrella.

Movie theater bathroom with screens synced to your film so you don’t miss anything while you’ve stepped out.

Coffee cup lids that change color when you’ve ACTUALLY sealed them.

Low heat mattress that slowly irons your clothes overnight.

App that answers the waiter for you when they ask “how everything is” right when you have a mouthful of food.

Dash cam connected to a blood pressure sensor that starts filming once specific levels are exceeded.

Drone that follows the car that almost hit you and blares horn at them because you didn’t have time to before they drove away.

Thanksgiving Pants.