Heavily Armed, Open Carry Progressives Threaten Reporter After Crashing Trump Rally [VIDEO]

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A local reporter in Phoenix, Arizona is reporting that he was harassed and even threatened by a group of progressives who were openly carrying rifles while protesting at a Donald Trump rally near the state’s capital.

The video, which was originally live streamed to Facebook, has been widely viewed since the incident occurred.

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The reporter, Stephen Lemons, himself a self described liberal who normally covers what he calls “right wing” groups, thought it would be interesting to talk to a group of protesters made up of anarchists and communists carrying weapons.

However, he was quickly met with disdain from the group. A girl in the group told Lemons that they would not be conducting interviews or making statements.

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She gave him a flier for “Redneck Revolt” which seems to allude to the “red” connotation of communism.

Despite the confrontational nature of the group, Lemons decided to follow the group and livestream their march on Facebook Live. At one point, things got physical.

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According to the report by Lemons in the Phoenix New Times:

But at one point, I walked next to a dude in a yellow headscarf, whom I’d tried to talk with before, and I brushed against him, unintentionally.

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I didn’t think much of it, as the sidewalk is only so big, but he apparently took offense, because in retaliation, he walked backwards into me, pushing me aside.

This is the sort of thing that I would normally expect from the right-wing militia-types, but, in reality, the group was little more than an ad hoc left-wing militia. So I shouldn’t have been surprised.

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Following this confrontation, one of the “leaders” of the group explained they were uncomfortable with Lemons following them until they got into their cars, out of fear of their license plates being filmed.

The man event went as far as to sprint to a waiting car and be whisked quickly away from the scene, all the while Lemons laughed at the absurdity of the situation.

Lemons closed his article with the following thoughts:

In hindsight, it occurs to me that if a left-wing militia and a right-wing militia, such as the ALG, cross paths at an future demonstration, there very easily could be bloodshed.

Both sides are loaded for bear. And I get the feeling both sides can rationalize their behavior after the fact, even if it comes down to killing someone.

Here is video of the incident: