Heartwarming Video of Elderly Man Combing His Sick Wife’s Hair Will Make Your Day

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Most young newlyweds probably think very little of their vows on their wedding days to remain devoted to each other “in sickness and in health.” After all, that’s something to worry about down the road when you’re old and gray. So when a heartwarming video of an elderly man combing his sick wife’s hair was recorded, the intimate moment went viral.

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The footage was captured by a family member of the elderly couple. You can hear the two reminiscing on all the times that the wife, Nellie, used to comb her husband’s hair. “You used to comb my hair, but I’ve never combed yours before,” he said.

He also tells Nellie, “This is the first time for this, you know.” He looks to the person filming the moment for approval, and we hear the reply, “Yeah, it looks better.”

It’s evident that the elderly¬†woman in the hospital bed is not doing well. As the husband is combing her hair, she has her eyes closed and looks tired. She also seems to need oxygen to help her breathe.

As he is arranging Nellie’s short locks around her head, the elderly man asks his wife if he is pulling her hair. Nellie shakes her head to let him know he’s not hurting her.

The audio begins to fade towards the end of the video, but the husband can softly be heard saying, “She does so much for me, it’s time I return the favor.”

Once the video made it to Facebook, viewers loved the sweet moment. Others shared their own similar moments.

Others felt that the moment should have been kept private.

With so much hate and turmoil in the world today, this loving gesture of an elderly husband caring for his sick wife helps to restore our faith in humanity just a little.