He Tried to Assault a Woman. She Kicked Him in the Nuts. Here’s the Video. [VIDEO]

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Sexual assault has been a prominent feature of headlines in 2018, and now one victim of an assault is being celebrated for fighting back. The incident was caught on video and that footage shows a man who thought he’d found an easy target. As it happened, the woman who he grabbed wasn’t about to knuckle under to this slug.

The Australian woman, 27, has been living in New York. She was assaulted in Brooklyn early Thursday morning.

She had been walking home alone after 2:00am when she was grabbed by a man on the sidewalk. He approached her from behind and caught her right arm and pulled it up behind her back.

The pain of such a maneuver can incapacitate some people, but the woman spun out of the man’s hold and tried to get away.

“Surveillance video from the terrifying assault shows the woman trying to fight off her attacker, but to no avail,” The Daily Mail writes.

The video shows the man grab the woman. He muscles her up against a wall. He overpowered her and was able to remove her underwear. He was attempting to rape her, but she was still fighting.

She then kicked him. Hard.

He pushed her down and continued to attack her, but then fled.The woman then walked more than a mile to a police precinct and reported the incident.From there she was taken to a hospital for treatment. She arrived in stable condition.

The police are looking for an African-American man in his mid 20s. They believe him to be roughly six feet tall.

The are where the incident occurred is a reasonably upscale part of Brooklyn. At night, though, most of this area is less stable. It is inadvisable to walk alone at that time of the morning anywhere in Brooklyn.