He Stood on a Street Corner With a “Hard Worker. Needing Job”. Now the Phone Won’t Stop Ringing

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A man has been bombarded with job offers after a woman posted an image of him standing on the side of a street with a sign that read, “Hard worker needing job.” Laura Aguilar spotted Jimmy Trujillo with his sign and created the Facebook post which ended up being shared over 7,400 times.

Trujillo had been spending his time standing on the corners of Madison and Hazel avenues hoping his sign would help him land a new position. He said, “People try to give me money, and I turn them down saying, ‘I don’t need your money, I need a job.’”

As reported by King 5 News, Trujillo, a resident of Orangevale, California, has received several hundred job offers after Aguilar’s post went viral.

According to Trujillo, Aguilar came up to him and said, “Do you mind if I take your picture or if I can put you on Facebook? I would love to help you!”

Trujillo said during an interview that he “does all phases of construction.” He had been carrying the sign for weeks in the hope of securing a new employment opportunity.

His sign hadn’t brought about much success until Aguilar approached him with her request to take his picture and create the social media post.

Speaking to Aguilar for the first time after she posted about Trujillo on Facebook, he said, “You’re my angel.” Discussing the job offers he has since received, Trujillo told Aguilar, “This is all because of you.”

Aguilar stated that the reason she offered to help Trujillo was that she could see the determination on his face, leading her to stop and see what she could do to help.

Trujillo ultimately accepted an offer and is scheduled to start a new roofing job on Monday.