He Smashed a Car Window to Save a Dog. Now He’s in Legal Trouble.

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This summer has been brutal on animals and small children. It seems some folks just can’t understand how hot cars can get when left in the summer sun. Rescues of trapped kids and animals are becoming increasingly common. One rescuer, though, is now facing charges after breaking a car window to free a dying dog.

“Richard Hill thought he was being a good Samaritan on July 28, when he broke car window to rescue two dogs, which he claimed appeared to be in the hot car without the owner over the weekend,” ABC writes. “Instead, he was handed a citation for criminal damage.”

It was hot in Ohio when Hill found the two dogs. Another witness went inside the Walmart to see if the owner could be located. A third called the Parma police.

Hill, though, wasn’t willing to let the dogs suffer while the search went on for the car’s owner. Instead, he took a hammer from his truck and broke the window of the car.

Hill then gave the dogs water. Shortly after, the police arrived.

“I explained the whole thing to him [the officer] as far as what was going on, and I felt that the dog needed to be out right then and there. [The officer] told me that I did not have that rights and I had to wait on him,” Hill explained. “I thought that I covered all of my bases based on the law stating that as long as I call 911, as long as I attempt to locate the owner of the vehicle and make sure that that is the only way of getting into the vehicle.”

The owner of the car did not get a ticket.

“I got the ticket right then and there,” he said, adding the citation was handed to him before he left the scene.

The injustice has Hill worried, though he hasn’t backed down on his actions. He still believes he did the right thing.

“I would have done everything the same,” he said. “The only different thing I know I would end up doing is, I would actually take picture or video to fully cover all my bases, if something like this was to arrive I have all the evidence myself because now they are stating that the sun roof was wide open.”

“I just wanted to help those dogs. That’s it,” Hill said.

The Parma Police Department are also justifying their actions. They told ABC they have evidence that the citation was warranted.

“He broke the window knowing the police were coming and it’s only been six minutes,” Parma police Sergeant Daniel Ciryak said. “He was not physically arrested. He’s only cited and given a court case.”

“He can explain to the judge as why he took the action he did,” Ciryak said.