He Posted His Thoughts About Tesla Stock. So Elon Musk Called His Boss & Threatened to Sue

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has found himself in the midst of another controversy after contacting the employer of a critic, who wasn’t optimistic about the value of Tesla’s stock, and threatening to sue. While many companies have the worth of their products and services questioned at various points, rarely does a leader go to such lengths to defend his business.

The Tesla critic provided his perspective on the company using the pseudonym Montana Skeptic, according to a report by Jalopnik. Skeptic is known for being Tesla “short,” meaning he believes the value of the stock will eventually take a nosedive, and often shares his views regarding the matter on Twitter.

However, on Monday, Skeptic’s Twitter account was nowhere to be found, leaving many of his followers curious as to why he may have deleted his account.

An acquittance of Skeptics and fellow Tesla critic, Chris Irons, shed some light on the disappearance, saying that Skeptic informed him that the account was voluntarily closed after Musk called his boss personally to complain.

On his blog on Seeking Alpha, Skeptic posted on Tuesday providing further details, claiming that Elon threatened to sue if he continued to write negative comments about Tesla.

Skeptic said he originally questioned whether Musk would actually reach out directly, but that “one of my colleagues” investigated the matter and determined “it was indeed him.”

In an attempt to avoid litigation, Skeptic said he would “immediately cease writing at Seeking Alpha” and would “deactivate my Twitter account.”

Skeptic’s identity had previously been revealed, and he was found to be an employee of a firm that has invested in various oil companies. It is unknown if that connection motivated Musk to intervene or if the Tesla CEO has contacted other critics in the same fashion.

However, a statement from Dave Arnold, a Tesla spokesperson, said that Skeptic’s employer “is a longtime Tesla supporter and one of the first to purchase a Model S.”