He Invaded Her Home. She Had Something For Him.

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A woman in Savannah, GA is crediting her trusty machete with stopping a home invasion earlier this week. Pinky Wynn awoke to find a man standing in the doorway of her room as she slept. She wasted no time in arming herself with the machete she keeps nearby.

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“I was restless, I was tossing around, I eventually turned over to my right side, and saw a young man into my doorway,” she said, in a video interview with local television station WJCL.

“I didn’t think other than the fact that, are my kids alright,” said Wynn.

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“I’m angry, you know I don’t like to be a victim, I never played a victim, nothing in my life says victim, but that right there really pissed – he pissed me off.”

“First thing he saw was my purse, he grabbed that, and I told him he got the wrong house today, and I when I said that, his eyes opened up and he bolted. I jumped up, grabbed my machete and chased him out the front door” she said.

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“If I had enough extension in the hallway, he would have been chopped,” she said.

No one was harmed during the incident. Wynn isn’t sure how the suspect entered the home, but it appears he somehow came through a window that was seven feet off the ground.