He Held up a Sign Asking for Beer Money During Gameday. He Got More Than $60K

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During a national TV broadcast on Saturday morning, one college football fan held up a sign in the background. The poster read: “Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished,” and included the fan’s Venmo account details. In less than 30 minutes, he had $400 in donations, but the cash didn’t stop rolling in there.

The poster creator was 24-year-old Carson King. He held up the sign in view of a camera filming for the ESPN College GameDay broadcast on Saturday, which was being recorded in Ames, Iowa before the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclones game.

King, who attended Iowa State, said that he and his friends weren’t able to get close to the main stage. However, according to a report by CNN, they were able to position themselves near a secondary stage and were in full view of the camera.

After holding up the sign, King’s phone blew up. One of his friends asked, “Who keeps texting you?”

When King took a look, he discovered he had acquired $400 in donations in under 30 minutes, and the money kept rolling in.

“After I got $600, I thought, ‘There are better things I can do with this,’” said King.

King talked with his family and decided that, aside from the cost for a case of Busch Light, the rest of the money would go to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

He tweeted about his decision to make the donation. At that time, the account had more than $1,600.

By Tuesday morning, there was $20,000 in his Venmo account.

Busch Beer learned about the sign and King’s decision to donate the excess money, writing in a tweet: “This is the best thing we have read all year, we’re inspired. We’re going to match your donation to University of Iowa.”

The company also added that it would “throw in some of that Busch Light you were looking for.”

Venmo also found out about the donation and Busch’s tweet, replying, “We see a lot of great stories, but this is one of our favs.”

“Count us in for matching the donation to the hospital, too,” Venmo added.

With the matching donations, King has thus far raised $60,000. He said that he intends to keep collecting donations until the end of September.