He Carried Her to Safety & Put Her in a Truck to the Hospital. Then He Didn’t Stop Until He Found Her

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During the Route 91 Harvest festival, auto parts salesman Kody Robertson took a seat at the end of a bar next to insurance agent Michelle Vo. The pair, both 32, bonded over their love of golf and country music. Then, when the final musical act took the stage, shots rang out, and Vo took a bullet to the chest.

As reported by The Washington Post, Robertson, who was attending the concert with friends, quickly connected with Vo, who was enjoying the festivities alone. By the time Jason Aldean, the headline act for the final night of the Route 91 Harvest festival at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, took the stage, the pair found a spot approximately 20 yards off of the right-hand side of the stage.

When sounds of shots being fired first rang out, Robertson and Vo began looking toward the sky, assuming the sounds were fireworks. During the second volley of gunshots, screams could be heard throughout the area, and a bullet hit Vo on the left side of her chest.

“She got hit, and I turned and saw her immediately fall to the ground,” said Robertson. “She was literally right beside me, maybe two feet away.”

He quickly shielded Vo by throwing his body over hers until the gunshots seemed to subside. Then, working with another concert-goer, he worked to get Vo out of the area, stopping to take cover each time the gunman resumed firing on the crowd.

Robertson yelled, “Michelle, Michelle!” and began taking turns performing CPR on Vo when she became unresponsive.

Once they were outside of the venue, Robertson found a white pickup truck that was destined for the hospital. He placed Vo in the truck bed and ran back towards the stage to continue rendering aid to the injured.

“We put a girl on a beer cooler to try to push her out, we were carrying people out on the steel barriers from the perimeter,” recalled Robertson. “Wives screaming at husbands to wake up, and a husband on top of his wife trying to do CPR.”

During the chaos, Robertson spotted Vo’s purse, but her phone wasn’t inside. When he called the number, he found out that another attendee had found the phone and that it could be retrieved from Planet Hollywood.

After finding Vo’s phone, Robertson saw numerous text messages and voicemails, but couldn’t access the device without the passcode. He found out the location of the nearest hospital, Desert Springs, and began walking while letting his own friends and family know he was okay.

When he reached the hospital, which was in lockdown, Vo’s phone buzzed and Robertson was able to answer. Jeremiah Hawkins, Vo’s brother-in-law, begged, “Please tell me that she’s okay.”

Robertson relayed the information he knew and vowed to keep looking for Vo.

After the lockdown at the hospital ended, Robertson discovered Vo wasn’t at Desert Springs. He began calling other hospitals, none of which seemed to have her. He contacted the information line that had been set up by police at least 60 times, according to Robertson, and still found nothing.

Hospital staff eventually told Robertson he had to leave, so he headed back to his hotel, the Luxor.

Hawkins was also contacting area hospitals and trying to determine where Vo may be, and identified Sunrise Hospital as a possibility. He contacted Robertson to share the information, who quickly found a cab and headed to the hospital.

Once Robertson arrived, he described Vo to the front desk and was told she might be there. He was directed to an auditorium where friends and family members of those who were unaccounted for were gathered, so that doctors, counselors, and police officers could provide updates to the group.

It wasn’t until 11 am that Robertson received any news. He was led into a small back office, and one of the doctors stated, “Michelle didn’t make it,” continuing, “The wounds were too much. She didn’t make it.”

Robertson contacted Hawkins and told him to sit down before sharing the news.

After that, Robertson was approached by hospital staff to discuss trauma and grief, he received hugs from local residents and family members of other wounded, and others offered to pray with him, but the feelings of comfort subsided. Robertson left the hospital and started walking back towards the Luxor.

Though Robertson was supposed to leave Las Vegas on Monday, he stayed. Vo’s family members arrived on Monday to collect her belongings from her hotel room and quickly headed over to meet Robertson.

“Kody was our guardian angel,” said Diane Hawkins, Vo’s oldest sister. “He refused to let her be alone.”

Vo’s family thanked Robertson for his help, and the group shared stories about Vo’s joy and energy, including Robertson’s description of his day-long friendship with her.

Then, as a group, they all headed to the lobby to check Michelle Vo out of her room.