He Asked for a “Red Dragon” Massage Without Knowing What it Was. Now He Knows.

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Language barriers are a common hurdle for foreign travelers. Still, the “massage” that Matthew Raison received while on vacation seems like it should have come with a lengthy disclaimer. What he had hoped would leave him refreshed and relaxed instead made quite an impression. And now the photos serve as a warning for the rest of us.

If you’re ever in Bali, beware of the “gua sha.”

Candise and Matthew Raison had traveled from Australia to Bali for a vacation. Near the end of their stay, they ordered a “go jek” massage. Go jek is simple enough, it simply implies that the masseur comes to you.

As Matthew prepared for his turn, the masseur asked his wife if he wanted to “get the red dragon out of him,” The Daily Mail writes.

Candise mistook the meaning and thought the red dragon reference was “some prayer thing.”

“I don’t know what you’re saying,” she replied, “but my husband will try anything, go for it!”

The masseur than began scraping at her husband’s back with a coin. The results weren’t immediately apparent, but the masseur told the couple that Matthew’s back, the next day, would show the red dragon.

“This type of treatment is called gua sha and is designed to release impurities from muscle tissue,” DM notes.

The dragon made its appearance, just as predicted. “Fair to say we were all in tears of laughter,” Candise said.

Far from being upset by the results, Matthew was pleased. He sees the humor in the photos, but has also gotten relief for back pain.

“He hasn’t complained about a sore back since!” His wife said.

“He said it felt like an itch waiting to be itched, and then when it finally got scratched it was fantastic!”

“The marks are still slightly there but almost non-existent,” she said, five days after the treatment.

“It’s something he will most likely get again with the way he enjoyed it.”

While many are appalled by the imagery associated with the procedure, there are numerous practitioners across the globe. There are even some in the United States practicing gua sha.