Man Runs Through Firefighters to Rescue Dog From Blaze [VIDEO]

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The bond between a man and his dog is about as strong as they come. Pets become a part of our family. We let into our homes, and in some cases, even into our beds. Dogs, especially, are always excited to see us and welcome us home at the end of a long day. So it should come as no surprise that a man risked his life for his dog.

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On Sunday Jose Guzman, a California resident, and his family went to a neighborhood barbeque. Shortly after, he heard a commotion in the neighborhood and learned that someone’s house was on fire.

As he approached the scene, he went into an immediate panic as he found it was his house engulfed in flames. Beginning to panic, and with firefighters trying to contain the blaze, Guzman can be seen running towards the inferno that used to be his house. He yells to firefighters who try to stop him that he has to save his family’s 2-year-old blue nose pitbull Gabanna.

A couple of minutes later, Guzman emerged from the inferno with Gabanna safely in his arms. From the video, the father of three looked to have suffered some minor burns to his arm, but, otherwise, both man and dog are safe and sound.

Since the fire, dog lovers have been praising Guzman’s quick thinking. “I wasn’t gonna let her die like that,” he told PEOPLE. Guzman recalled the moment he found Gabanna, which was in the bathroom curled up in a ball under the back of the toilet.

”All I wanted was to get my dog, I came in here, I didn’t hesitate, I just, I had to get her, she’s part of the family,” he explained.

According to the Daily Mail, Guzman and his family had only lived in the house for two months. The house eventually was practically burnt to the ground, but Guzman is simply relieved that his pet is unharmed. “Me and my family would’ve been destroyed, we love that dog, I’m sure there’s people that would do the same thing.”