Hannity Tells Viewers to Tweet ‘Fake News’s Journalists. It Didn’t Go as Planned

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During his Monday night show on Fox News, host Sean Hannity told his millions of viewers to take to social media to fight against journalists who were publishing “fake news” attacks on President Donald Trump. Hannity named several reporters as examples, including CNN’s Jake Tapper, during his speech. Some viewers did as Hannity requested while others took a different route.

As reported by The Blaze, Hannity spoke about the battle between the Trump administration and alleged “fake news” organizations across the country.

“Now over the past few weeks the Trump administration has been ramping up one of the most effective tactics for combating all the fake news,” said Hannity. “They’ve been speaking out on the very programs that spew the misinformation and lies about the president and standing up to these pundits and so-called journalists who treat the White House with hatred and disdain. I’m lovin’ this fight back.”

Hannity stated he wasn’t “encouraging you to get in your neighbor’s face” or “calling for violence,” but asserted “you can call out fake news right at the source.”

Hannity began referring to specific journalists, starting with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“For example, you can tell fake news Jake Tapper exactly what you think of his interview with Anthony Scaramucci. You can do it on Twitter,” said Hannity.

“Or you can message Brian Stelter,” continued Hannity, “Humpty Dumpty, Jeff Zucker’s stenographer, about his ‘Russia Russia Russia’ obsession, and lack of desire to be fair and balanced. And point out Hillary Uranium One and felonies she committed.”

He also encouraged viewers to send messages to “liberal Joe” for “calling the president a schmuck, a goon, a thug, and mentally unhinged.” Hannity also targeted Mika Brzezinski during the discussion.

Hannity also recommended that viewers who “want to take it to the next level” could write messages to the bosses of those mentioned above, including “Zucker over at fake news CNN, or Andy Lack from NBC fake news.”

He went on to suggest that “the media is living in their little bubble,” going on to say, “It is our job to remind them that there’s an America way outside of New York, DC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Tonight, technology is now making it possible for you to take your point of view directly to the source and show America’s elites that the forgotten men and the forgotten women voted for this agenda and they want it completed, and for them to stop lying to you.”

Hannity closed with a request, saying, “Take to social media, I think you can have a positive impact.”

A number of people heard Hannity’s call and sent tweets to some of the journalist Hannity named during the piece, but not everyone took that route.

Some people sent out messages of praise to Tapper, calling him “an excellent” or “upstanding” journalist.

Tapper even participated in the discussion, confirming he heard about Hannity’s request and stating, “I don’t think this was what [Hannity] was going for,” in regards to the positive responses.

He even sent out a thank you message for all of the kind words, which said, “I don’t think that one turned out the way [Hannity] intended. Thanks, everyone. Very kind of you.”