Handgun That ‘Disguises’ as a Cell Phone Officially Hits the Market [VIDEO]

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For many gun owners who have a concealed carry permit, discretion is a priority. Kirk Kjellberg felt that a gun that can be hidden in plain sight was ideal, designing an option that resembled a smartphone when not in use. This allows gun owners to have a firearm with them without “people seeing it and being afraid.”

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“To bring something all the way from what’s in your mind to the sales floor or out to people has been a dream of mine since I can remember,” Kjellberg stated. “So, to fulfill that is fantastic for me.”

Kjellberg said he thought up the design back in 2016, attempting to find a way to design a cell phone pistol.

“It is a double barrel 380 Derringer,” said Kjellberg. “You pull the handle down to make it active.”

Most people would look at the handgun in its closed state and assume it is a smartphone, at least when viewed from a distance. However, when the handle is dropped into place, it takes on a more classic shape. Plus, it can then be fired.

“It’s to avoid people seeing it and being afraid themselves because it’s a pistol,” he added.

According to a report by Fox 13, Kjellberg had to wait over two years before the cell phone pistol was able to hit the market.

Last year, he sold around 400. An additional 50 have been shipped since Ideal Conceal began assembling the handguns a few months ago.

“Luckily for us, I hope no one ever uses it,” said Kjellberg. “For the rest of my life, if ever. I never want anyone to have to use it.”

Some have been openly critical of Kjellberg’s design, including US Senator Chuck Schumer. Kjellberg has countered some of the arguments, noting that the firearm is meant for close range self-defense, particularly since it is only capable of holding two rounds.

“We got a lot of [criticism] like that like, ‘You can walk onto an airplane with it,’” Kjellberg stated.

It’s 18 ounces of solid metal,” he added. “It shows up on metal detectors. We’ve helped train TSA and everyone to recognize it as a gun.”

Kjellberg also does not ship the gun to private parties. Instead, would-be buyers are required to use an authorized gun dealer and complete the needed background check.