Guy Swipes Foul Ball from Diving Kid, Does Celebration Dance [VIDEO]

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One baseball fan did the unthinkable. When a foul ball made its way into an empty part of the stands, a kid headed over to grab it. But, instead of securing a game ball, an adult male fan rushed over and snagged it, leaving the kid empty-handed. Then, to add insult to injury, the man did a celebratory dance.

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The incident took place during the Big Ten baseball tournament in Omaha this weekend, according to a report by USA Today.

While there is some debate regarding proper etiquette when a foul ball heads to the stands, most would agree that taking one from a kid isn’t an acceptable option for an adult.

However, one Iowa fan went against the grain, racing a kid to get to a foul ball. Just as the boy, who was donning Ohio gear, reached where the ball landed, the Iowa fan snatched it away.

Then, the man did a little celebration dance as if snagging the ball from the hands of a kid was some kind of accomplishment.

As the broadcast continued, the Iowa fan could be seen making his way back to his seat while clutching the ball. Later, the man is shown again, gripping the ball in his hands.

Social media users weren’t kind to the Iowa fan when posting comments on Twitter. One asserted, “On behalf of all Hawkeye fans…….he doesn’t represent us at all.”

Another said, “That guy is one of the five who doesn’t wave to the Children’s Hospital.”

“Come on dude,” wrote a third, “you always give the ball to a kid.”

Thankfully, things turned out okay for the kid in the end. Instead of a regular foul ball, the Ohio State baseball team came together and signed a ball for the boy, ensuring he didn’t leave the game completely empty-handed.