Guy Shoots Himself in Leg. Gives Ammo Company Glowing Review About Destructive Power of Round

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Evaluating the power of ammunition for a review can be challenging. Often, reviewers have to rely on how the ammo affected a practice target or everyday object. However, one reviewer was able to get a bit more in-depth after he personally experienced the destructive power of a round when he unintentionally shot himself in the leg.

An image of the review that was sent to the manufacturer was shared on Facebook by someone other than the person who shot themselves in the leg.

“Accidentally shot myself in the inner, lower leg with your 45 R.I.P. in 162 grain,” the review began. “Nearly bled out, only kept leg after series of world class trauma surgeons.”

“Looking at 3 months, no weight bearing, many months of recovery,” the review continued. “All metal petals separated from core as designed.”

“Maximum damage inflicted,” the reviewer wrote. “Product performed as designed and marketed.”

“5/5, would recommend.”

“P.S.,” the reviewer added, “no exit wound, all pieces remained in leg.”

Commenters on the post largely praised the reviewer for maintaining a sense of humor about the situation and telling the company that the product worked as expected.

“Why would he not leave a great review?” wrote one commenter. “He accidentally shot himself. (Which I never understand how people pull that off). And the bullet did what it was designed to do. Why not tell the company they did their job?”

The ammunition itself, according to a report by Concealed Nation, has received mixed reviews otherwise. One YouTuber praised its destructive power, showing what the round was capable of doing to a chicken.