Guy Invents iPhone Airbag. Internet has a Field Day.

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The internet is going crazy over the news of an “airbag” designed to keep iPhones and the like from crashing when they’re dropped. It is an ingenious device that springs out blade-like wings. There is no actual bag involved in the process, or any air. Yet many are clambering for the device. Others see a few potential flaws in the design.

Shut up and take my money, is a popular refrain. Despite the potential design flaws, there are plenty who would want the device.

Designing is the simple part. Bringing it to market might present its own set of challenges.

Some feel like the set of patents Apple already holds might prevent the device from moving beyond the design phase.

Dropping it on your face could be an issue. Even with the rubber on the blades, the legs are still pointy.

That could create some issues with depth perception.


Could the devices have another use? Springing them on a drop is handy. Springing the blades on command might be useful, too.

Would it engage if you took a fall?

Some of these folks are trying hard to understand how it works. This is one of the easier explanations.

Despite the humor, the device is one that clearly has a market. There’s a need, for sure. If the profile slims down further, and the device isn’t compromised by the dirt and grime phones pick up in pockets, this will be a winner.