Guy Builds ‘Glitter Bomb Trap’ to Give Package Thieves a Dose of Karma

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After having a package stolen from his front porch, Mark Rober decided to take action. Initially, he submitted security camera footage to the police, but when they said “it wasn’t worth their time,” Rober knew it was up to him. That’s when he decided to use “a pound of the world’s finest glitter” and some ingenuity to get his revenge.

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Rober decided that, to ensure karma was delivered to the next package thieves, he needed to construct a solution that ultimately became a “glitter bomb trap.”

Discussing the initial package theft experience in a YouTube video, Rober states that it can leave a person feeling “powerless.”

“I just felt that something needs to be done to take a stand against dishonest punks like this,” he added.

Rober has previously built a variety of contraptions, including a dart board that moves and “hardware that is currently roving around on another freaking planet.”

“If anyone is going to make a revenge bait package and overengineer the crap out of it,” said Rober, “it was going to be me.”

Rober decided that he wanted to celebrate the thieves “choice of profession with a cloud of glitter.” While he acknowledged a simple spring mechanism could work, he added that he wanted to “record their reaction,” upping the difficulty level of the project.

Ultimately, a bait package was created that featured a “custom-printed circuit board,” an accelerometer, four smartphones, and 3D printed casing that maximizes the field of vision, ensuring that recording began at the proper time and would capture images of the thief.

The GPS on the phones also track the package’s location, and the cameras on the mobile devices capture footage and were set to upload to the cloud in case the smartphones weren’t recovered.

He also added a canister of “fart spray” with a mechanism that initiates five sprays “every 30 seconds,” making the opening of the package a smelly experience.

Glitter was added to a cup at the top. When triggered, a motor spins the cup, initiating a massive glitter cloud.

The box, which looks like a product package for a HomePod, was shrink-wrapped to make it look legitimate, and a shipping label was added to the side.

Once everything was set, Rober, placed the package on the porch and waited to see if anyone would fall for it.

After leaving work, Rober checks the GPS on the phones and sees that they have left his porch, likely traveling by car. Determining that the package ended up in a parking garage, he heads over to find the glitter bomb trap on the ground.

Rober then reviews the footage, giving him a chance to witness the moment his bait package paid off.

After the initial success, Rober even lends the device to a friend, allowing her to make sure that karma visits the package thieves in her area.

Rober includes footage from several other deployments of the glitter bomb package as well.

Ultimately, the results are hilarious for onlookers but likely weren’t so pleasant for the thieves.