Gunman Opens Fire on Police. Officer Runs Him Over. [VIDEO]

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This is a police chase with a crazy twist. When officers found a man that was suspected of murdering his girlfriend, the tried to arrest him. The car chase ended when the man fled on foot. When the suspect turned and fired a gun at the pursuing officers, one ran him down with an SUV. The dramatic end was captured on video.

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The incident occurred Friday in Wyoming, Michigan. Adam Nolin, 33, is believed to have killed his girlfriend, Tia Mae Randall, 27, on Thursday.

Nolin wasn’t killed by the impact of the police cruiser. He was transported to a hospital where he was arraigned. He has been charged with five felony counts of assault, intent to murder, and resisting arrest. The murder charge is also likely.

“Arraigning at the hospital certainly isn’t the norm, but it’s not unheard of either,” Wyoming Police Capt. James Maguffee told reporters.

“He is getting the treatment he needs, but we need the wheels of justice to turn. Judges will often make the accommodations to make that happen.”

The body of Tia Mae Randall, Nolin’s girlfriend, was found Thursday morning. Randall, a mother of two, was shot once. While the investigation is ongoing, Nolin is the leading suspect.

The chase began after officials asked the public for help in locating Nolin. They provided descriptions of Nolin and his red and black pickup truck, and the public responded with tips. Police were able to find Nolin in the truck, and the chase began.

Nolin, refusing to comply with the demands of the officers, eventually wrecked the truck when he collided with a concrete median. He then ran from the officers.

Unfortunately for Nolin, there was nowhere to run. The police were pursuing him up a section of the freeway that offered nowhere to hide.

Nolin then turned and fired a handgun at the officers. That’s when one officer used deadly force to eliminate the threat. The impact ended the chase, but not Nolin. He was in serious condition, but stable and has since been transported to the Kent County Jail.

“It shows the willingness of our police officers in West Michigan to put themselves in harm’s way to protect this community,” Maguffee said. “They got the guy in custody in an appropriate time frame and in an appropriate way and we’re very proud of them.”

“There’s absolutely an underlying homicide investigation that continues and we’ll be close to wrapping that up and we’ll present that to the Kent County prosecutor at the appropriate time.”