Guide Dog Repeatedly Leads Owner Into a Pet Store Without Her Knowing

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Emotional support animals are often met with skepticism by the American public. Guide dogs, though, have earned a place of respect. Their abilities and training make them valuable assets to their owners. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a mischievous side. The dog in this story is going viral after “guiding” his owner into a pet store. Repeatedly. So what is it the dog is after?

Treats. “Delaware Valley University student Danielle Sykora, 20, returns to New Jersey every weekend with her guide dog Thai,” The Daily Mail notes. “Sometimes, these trips home include an excursion or two to the local mall, where Danielle’s father began noticing a funny thing that kept happening every time they walked by a certain store.”

Danielle’s sister, Michelle, went on a recent trip to the mall with them and filmed what happened. Thai led her into “Cool Dog Gear.”

It was a simple movement. As they approached the store, the dog began veering right.

“The next time we went to that mall, I was with them and my dad secretly said to me, ‘Last time we were here Thai brought himself into the pet store; let’s see if he does it again’,” Michele told reporters.

The dog then leaned in, pushing Danielle into the store.

Michele shared the video on Twitter. “My sister’s guide dog always sneakily walks her into this store without her knowing. I love dogs, man.”

Danielle, though, wasn’t all that surprised. “Sometimes he shows me places that he just likes,” Danielle said. “He’ll show me Starbucks, because he knows I like to go to Starbucks, and he’ll show me the pet store, because treats are fun.”

Treats are fun. Those who saw the post began replying with stories of their own. It appears like this isn’t the only example of the behavior.

“One wrote that his dog ‘tries to do this with the pet aisle in the supermarket’ while another added that her service pooch ‘fakes alerts so he can get treats’,” DM adds.