Group of Thieves Steal Shark from Texas Aquarium by Pretending It Was a Baby

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On Saturday, a group of creative thieves managed to walk out of an aquarium with a shark by disguising the animal as something innocuous. The shark was swimming in a petting pool, an area where people can reach in and interact with a variety of sea life. But the trio of thieves decided their fun shouldn’t end there.

The incident took place at the San Antonio Aquarium in Leon Valley, Texas, according to a report by the Daily Mail. Video of the theft was captured by the aquarium’s security cameras and shows one of the suspects grabbing the one-and-a-half-foot horn shark from the petting pool.

With the shark firmly in hand, the man calmly walks away from the tank, cradling the shark as he moves. Then a second man follows the first with what appears to be a blanket.

After getting their hands on the shark, they disguised the sea creature as a baby by bundling it up in the blanket.

On another surveillance camera, the two men and a woman can be seen walking through the aquarium. One of the men places the shark in a stroller, allowing the trio to wheel it out to the parking lot.

According to police, the men originally wrapped the shark in a wet blanket before heading to a back room. Then, they placed the shark into a bucket before setting it into the stroller.

On the video, an employee appears to spot the theft and reportedly went to find a member of management regarding what she witnessed.

Jenny Spellman, the general manager of the aquarium, attempted to confront the thieves but was not allowed to search the suspect’s truck.

The man claimed his son was sick and promptly drove away, leaving the other two suspects in the parking lot.

Police impounded the truck on Monday and managed to capture one of the suspects, who confessed to stealing the shark and claimed it was still alive.

The shark was ultimately recovered and returned to the aquarium, and the other two suspects were taken into custody.