Group of Parents Start Co-op Schooling. Put Retired Marine in Charge of PE and It’s Hilarious

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With everything going on, parents have come up with some creative home-school approaches and ideas.

One group of parents in the neighborhood of Twitter user Michael Haz have starting CO-OP home schooling. Basically each parent is teaching a small group of students about areas where they have a good bit of knowledge.

Obviously, this gives the children more viewpoints and hopefully more overall knowledge than a single parent teaching only their kids. Plus, it gives mom and dad a break to work, keep the house in order, or just down that glass of wine real quick.

Obviously, children need physical activity as well, and without a structured PE class at school it can be hard to make sure kids are getting enough exercise, learning teamwork, sportsmanship, etc.

Well, fortunately, one of the parents involved is a retired US Marine and he’s got this handled.

Michael gave us some insight into what’s been going on in his neighborhood through a series of tweets:

You might think that kids wouldn’t enjoy a military style workout and PE class, but they love it!

Then the cadence calls for a little more advanced:

At this point Twitter had to get in on the fun and add a few lines of their own:

We’re not 100% sure why so many of the calls so far have been about Christmas in the middle of May, but hey whatever works to keep morale high.

And up next we’ve got one more Santa call:

Now here is one we can all get on board with. Maybe we can organize socially distant neighborhood cadence calls for this one:

And studying from home is obviously a treat for a lot of these students: