Groom Plays Tape of Bride Cheating on Him at Wedding Before Walking Out

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Guests at a wedding were stunned when a sweet montage of the couple’s relationship took an unexpected turn, revealing images of the bride’s infidelity. The groom had acquired the services of a private investigator weeks prior to the event as he suspected his fiancée was cheating and added footage showing the woman “behaving intimately” with another man.

As reported by the Daily Mail, it wasn’t clear whether the montage, which was created by the groom, was played before or after the wedding itself had taken place, though one of the images, captured by a guest, clearly shows that there were a large number of people in attendance during the event.

The video was played on a large screen, in full view of all of the guests, and showed the bride entering a hotel room with another man. Footage was also released that showed the pair “behaving intimately” during their encounter.

The groom, who was reported as being a wealthy businessman, had obtained the services of a person identified as Ms. Zhuo, 42, who works for Ajax Investigation and Security Services.

Ms. Zhuo, when speaking with a local media agency in Singapore, where the event took place, stated that she thought the groom would use the footage she provided of the bride having an affair with an unnamed businessman as a reason to call off the nuptials.

Instead, she was surprised when she received an invitation to the wedding.

Ms. Zhou said she had monitored the fiancée’s activity for six weeks before reporting her finding to her client, the groom.

She was unaware of the groom’s intentions regarding the use of the footage until the montage played at the wedding.

After the playing the montage, which was likely a form of revenge against his fiancée’s actions, the groom reportedly told the bride that she was going to hell before leaving.

The bride was said to have run out of the room, which was filled with friends and family members, soon after the video finished.

Whether the pair actually got married isn’t clear, and the names of the involved parties were not provided.