Groom – Paralyzed by Football Injury – Walks Down Aisle With the Help of His Bride [VIDEO]

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Most weddings are accompanied by a groundswell of emotion, but few can top this moment. Chris Norton married Emily Summers in what looks to have been an idyllic setting. Yet there was a dramatic entrance. Norton, who was left paralyzed by a football accident, walked down the aisle with the help of his very supportive new bride.

Their story was chronicled by People. That video is below.

“Chris, of Port Saint Lucie, Florida, 26, has been bound to a wheelchair since he tragically suffered a spinal cord injury back in October 2010 – when had been playing football his freshman year for Iowa’s Luther College in a game versus Central College,” The Daily Mail writes.

His recovery is expected to continue for the rest of his life. After returning to school in 2011, he began a charity, the Chris Norton Foundation, to help others like him with the recovery process.

“In August 2013, he gave the scary world of online dating a shot. That’s where he eventually matched with Emily Summers, now 25, a Christian Iowa State University student, who was employed at a facility where she helped care for abused youth,” Daily Mail writes.

“I was extremely drawn to him and his story, and how he wasn’t just going to give up. That’s how we first connected,” Summers told People.

“It was incredible to see how motivated he was,” Emily said. “When he sets his mind to something, he does it. That’s why I fell in love with him.”

After the wedding, Norton spoke of the ceremony. “She came down the aisle… and I was just tearing up. I just feel so blessed and I just feel so fortunate. Oh my gosh. That’s my bride, and we’re about to get married.”

“I just got all emotional. I’m just so thankful. It’s so beautiful… (her) dress and veil and earrings. Everything was just perfect.”

“I just didn’t know how the steps would go. So I was just in the zone and wanted to take those nice steps and take my time and enjoy the moment too.”

“A couple steps were more difficult than others but I was able to push through it and do it. Just to go from not even being able to take a step to be able to smoothly walk seven yards.”

“I was waiting for that girl who made me feel alive and someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and then here comes Emily. I knew she was on the one.”

“This walk isn’t about the physical act of walking it is about not letting your challenges and setbacks keep you down, it’s about how we are all stronger with love, and it is about trusting in God even when you feel hopeless,” Chris wrote on social media after.

The full video of their story is here: