He Was Known As the “Trump Troubadour”. Now He Stopped Singing Pro-Trump Songs. [VIDEO]

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A New York man supported Donald Trump during his campaign so much so that he sold his company’s construction equipment and stopped making mortgage payments on his home to follow Trump during the election. He now says he feels betrayed by Trump and regrets voting for him.


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In the past, Kraig Moss praised Trump and admired his goal of “Making America Great Again.” On the campaign trail, Moss would sing songs about Trump praising him. He was even dubbed the “Trump Troubadour.”


But now, after Trump’s health care plan has been revealed, Moss says this isn’t what Trump promised the American people when he was running for office.


During Moss’s time traveling, he would tell his story of how his 24-year-old son had overdosed on heroin in his bedroom, and if he had just had the proper medical care, Moss thinks he would still be alive.

His story even touched Trump who spoke to him directly at a campaign rally in Iowa. “In all fairness to your son, it’s a tough thing. Some very, very strong people have not been able to get off (heroin),” Trump said to Moss in the crowd. “The biggest thing we can do in honor of your son … we have to be able to stop it.”


Moss believed Trump was going to make a health care system that would allow addicts to get the help they needed.  Instead, as Moss read about the new health care plan Trump purposed, he realized it was the opposite of what Trump promised and might even lead to dramatic cuts in addiction treatment services.


“The bill is an absolute betrayal of what Trump represented on the campaign trail,” he said. “I feel betrayed.” Moss wasn’t the only one promised reform when it came to those addicted.


In a campaign rally in New Hampshire, Trump stated, “We will help all of those people so seriously addicted. We’ll get them assistance.”

Moss trusted Trump, but now, he is disillusioned. “I did a lot to promote his candidacy,” he said. “Now, I wish I had never sold my equipment.” Moss says he put his life on hold for Trump and sees now it was all for nothing.