Grandmother Arrested After Bringing Her Grandson in Prison a Dorito Bag Full of Drugs

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A 68-year-old grandmother is behind bars after she tried to hide drugs in a Dorito chip bag and hand it over to her son who is currently in prison. The elderly woman denied any knowledge of what was inside the bag, and she did not have any prior incidents on her record.

When Sarah Griffin visited her grandson Cody Clements in a Tennessee jail, Saturday, she tried to slip him the bag full of drugs wrapped in black electrical tape inside the Doritos bag.

Officers watching over the visit noticed that she passed Clements the bag of Doritos. Officers thought it suspicious so they took the two and put them into separate rooms while they searched the bag.

According to the Daily Mail, the chip bag contained 28.5 grams of methamphetamine, 11.4 grams of marijuana, 40 bars of prescription Xanax pills, 1.7 grams of Ecstasy and 1.1 grams of heroin.

Griffin tried to argue that she had no idea what was inside the bag. Fox News reported the elderly woman told authorities she thought it was just a cell phone.

She explained that she picked up the bag from an unidentified woman earlier in the week. Officers speculate her 31-year-old grandson was looking to sell the drugs in the prison.

Griffin was arrested and charged with taking contraband into a penal facility. It’s unclear if she will be facing additional charges. She was able to post bail shortly after her arrest.

She was transferred from Shelby County Division of Corrections to the local sheriff’s office for processing.

When reporters tried to speak to Griffin following her arrest, she responded, “My lawyer said not to talk to anybody.”

Clements, on the other hand, has had plenty of run-ins with the law. According to court documents, Clements is currently in prison on aggravated burglary charges stemming from an incident in 2016.

It has not been determined if the 31-year-old will face additional charges, but it seems likely. He reportedly has a long rap sheet that is predominantly from assault charges.