Grandma Shoots Grandson Over Not Using a Coaster.

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Many grandmothers embrace the nurturing stereotype. And why not? They get all of the fun of parenting, but don’t have to suffer through the stress that comes with the day-in-and-day-out of raising kids. There are those, though, that have a bit of a rougher edge. Helen Washington, 75, is one of those.

Washington has been arrested for shooting her grandson in the leg. The shooting wasn’t accidental. She had grown exasperated by her grandson leaving a cup of tea on her furniture.

Her grandson is likely to take her threats a bit more seriously now. When Washington says to use a coaster, she means it.

The police in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota have charged Washington with second-degree assault. When they arrived at her suburban home last Friday, they found her grandson in the front yard with a wound to his thigh.

He had been shot once with a .38 caliber handgun. He was alert and able to identify his grandmother as the shooter.

Police then arrested Washington and searched her house. Inside, they found her revolver. The gun was loaded, but one chamber held a spent shell.

After tending to the boy’s leg, the authorities pressed him for the motive in the shooting. The boy told police that his grandmother had come into the room, picked up his misplaced cup of tea, and then left again to retrieve her gun.

The boy then went and poured himself another cup of tea, and put it back where his first cup had been placed.

Washington had had enough. She pulled out the revolver and shot the boy once in the leg.

“While she was being arrested,” The Daily Mail writes, “the police complaint says, Washington told officers that she didn’t think she should go to jail and asked them where the bullet had hit her grandson.”

She didn’t think she should go to jail, but the police did. The prosecutor agrees, though a judge has ordered a psychiatric evaluation. The results of those visits will determine if she is fit to stand trial.