Good Samaritan Sees a Man Beating and Stabbing an Infant. He Grabs His Gun and Puts the Attacker Down.

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A 16-month-old is dead after the child’s father beat and stabbed him Sunday. The assault was witnessed, and ultimately stopped, by a bystander who shot the father. The father is now in the hospital recovering from his injuries. He survived the shooting, but will face charges for the death of his son.

The incident occurred in Lewisville, Texas, Sunday afternoon. The child’s mother was at work.

The Lewisville police said the bystander witnessed the beating. At the time of the shooting, the child was still alive. The 16-month-old was rushed to the hospital, but didn’t survive.

Officers responded to the report of a stabbing at the Oak Forrest Apartments where the child’s father was assaulting the child. When they arrived, they found the father had been shot in the leg.

There was a separate 911 call about shots fired at the same location. The courtyard at the apartment complex on a Sunday allowed the incident to be witnessed by multiple people. Several tried to intervene.

One threw a trashcan at the man. Another had a more effective option.

The man told police that he heard screams. When he saw what was happening, he grabbed a gun and fired three rounds from his second story balcony overlooking the courtyard.

“That was what effectively ended the assault on the child,” Lewisville police Capt. Jesse Hunter said.

“The man, who also has not been identified by police, was arrested after treatment for his gunshot wound,” The Star-Telegram writes. “There had not been any previous calls or reports to police at the apartment, according to Lewisville Police spokesman Jesse Hunter. Nor had there been prior reports by the child’s family involving Child Protective Services, Hunter said.”

The man who ended the assault is not expected to face charges for his actions.