Good Samaritan Gives His Bank Card and PIN to Homeless Man [VIDEO]

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With so much negativity in the world, it’s nice to see someone going above and beyond to help a fellow human being. A bar patron is being praised for his kindness when he gave a homeless man his bank card with his pin number. The video has now gone viral after being recorded by a nearby person.

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The video, which was uploaded to Facebook on Saturday night, only catches the tail end of the kind deed. The bearded homeless man can be seen approaching a group of people at the outside area of a bar in Newcastle, United Kingdom.

At this point in the video, it seems that the good Samaritan had already handed over his card and pin and told the man to get about $25 out of the ATM.

The video catches the homeless man returning the stranger’s ATM card along with a receipt showing how much he got out.

The two shake hands and wish each other well before the homeless man walks out of the frame and down the dark street. Jack Fada, the man who captured the kind gesture on video, uploaded it to Facebook with the caption: “Homeless man goes up to a group of people and asks for money. The bloke gives him his bank card and PIN number and tells him to take 20 quid for himself.”


In a separate comment under the video, Fada added: “Don’t dare tell me Newcastle isn’t the greatest place on Earth.” When asked by the media how this came to be, Fada explained, “I used to work in that area and you see homeless people asking for money round there all the time. I saw this man go up to a group of people and say ‘have you got any change for us?”

Facebook viewers praise the Good Samaritan and his act of kindness. One person wrote: “Well done on the kid for trusting him with his bank card and helping him out.” Sometimes all someone who is down on their luck needs is a kind gesture and a little money to get back on their feet.