Good Guy with a Gun Ends Bizarre High Speed Road Rage Incident [VIDEO]

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Supporters of the Second Amendment often claim there are numerous defensive gun uses that never get added to the mass of statistics becasue there are no shots fired. This is one of them. An armed bystander intervened in a road rage incident where one man was riding on the hood of an SUV as the other tried to throw him off at speeds of 70 mph.

It happened on the Massachusetts Turnpike. “Investigators said Richard Kamrowski, 65, and Mark Fitzgerald, 37, were involved in a minor sideswipe on I-90 Saturday afternoon when the two men pulled over to exchange information,” Fox writes.

That exchange erupted into an argument. Fitzgerald tried to leave the scene, but Kamrowski prevented it. Kamrowski blocked the car, but Fitzgerald wasn’t stopping.

“I thought he was going to run over me and, I don’t know, I don’t think he stopped, he just kept going fast then slow, fast then slow trying to get me to slide off, and I wasn’t getting off the car,” Kamrowski told reporters.

He jumped up onto the hood and locked his fingers in at the top. His grip was solid and allowed him to hold on for two or three miles. Fitzgerald tried to throw the man clinging to his hood, driving as fast as 70 mph, and then slowing fast, and speeding up again.

Meanwhile, traffic began crowding around the spectacle. Other drivers pulled in along side, presumably to keep Fitzgerald from gaining too much speed. Together, these witnesses were able to box Fitzgerald in and slow him to a stop.

That’s when another driver jumped into the altercation. The unidentified man is licensed to carry a concealed handgun, and he was armed. He drew his gun and ordered Fitzgerald to stop and wait for police.

The police were already on their way, and found the armed man making his citizen’s arrest.

“The SUV driver ultimately came to a stop, we believe with the intervention of some Good Samaritans, and was taken into custody by responding troopers,” Massachusetts State Police spokesman David Procopio said.

The police arriving on the scene ordered the armed man to put down his gun and get on the ground. The procedure is common when LEOs arrive on scene, and the man complied. He has not been charged.

Fitzgerald (above) has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. Kamrowski has also been charged with disorderly conduct.