Girl Makes Sobbing Facebook Video Asking to Help Find Dog. The Internet Steps Up Big Time.

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Losing a pet is always hard, but when you have a child who considers that pet their best friend it can be devastating or even life altering. This was the case for a five-year-old Ohio girl who lost her one-year-old pit bull best friend.


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In the video that was posted to Facebook last week, little Madison Wallace expressed her sadness that her dog Buddy is missing. Her mother, Laura, said her daughter is ‘literally devastated’ and it shows in the video.

Madison breaks heart across the interweb as she cries uncontrollably while holding a picture of Buddy. In between the tears, she utters a few words begging anyone who can to help find her best pal.“Please bring him home,” Madison sobbed in the video.



Shortly before the video ends, Laura says “come here baby” as Madison falls into her arms. The video touched thousands and went viral in the process. Good-hearted individuals were able give constant tips to the family if they noticed a dog that fit Buddy’s description.

Well, after six days of heartache, Madison’s father, Matt found Buddy in the early part of Saturday morning. Wallace didn’t disclose to WKYC where he found the dog but just said he “was happy his daughter will have her best friend back.”

When Buddy was found he looked beat up and very thin, according to Laura. They said they did everything in their power to try and find Buddy, including visiting animal shelters every day since he was missing. Flyers were made and hung around the local Ohio area.

The best thing they ever did was post the video on Facebook as it reached much more people and is how they found Buddy.


The family originally thought that Buddy was stolen from their backyard as when they came home on the 17th, their backyard gate was open. Their Great Dane-Doberman mix was still in the backyard whenever they got home but Buddy was nowhere to be seen.

With all the sickening things taking place on Facebook as of late, it’s nice to see people come together in an effort to help a lonely little girl bring her best friend home.