Girl Falls From Six Flags Ride After Being Choked. Caught by Crowd Below [VIDEO]

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Dramatic footage shows the moment a 14-year-old narrowly escaped serious injury after falling 25 feet from a Six Flags gondola-style ride. She fell into the arms of a crowd of men. The girl, who was visiting from Delaware, found herself choking on the safety bar of the ride after it malfunctioned.

The terrifying footage, which was captured by a bystander in the amusement park, begins with a girl wearing a grey shirt and blue shorts dangling from the family ride known as The Sky Ride. The teenager was riding with a younger girl, presumably a family member, in the two-person gondola.

During the chaotic moments after the recording began, the other girl in the ride can be heard yelling down to the crowd below that the safety bar of the ride is choking her friend, and she can’t get free. As the 14-year-old flailed about, trying to free herself from the safety bar, she apparently slipped and found herself dangling from the ride 25 feet in the air.

As onlookers watch in terror, one woman can be heard yelling to the girl, “It’s okay honey, they’ll catch you!” A group of men and amusement park workers below the ride can be seen in the video trying to comfort her, eventually convincing her to drop into their arms.

The teenager lets go of the safety bar that she’d been holding on to and falls 25 feet into the arms of the men below. The crowd surrounding the young girl begins cheering and applauding, and she is then rushed off to receive medical attention.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office said the girl hit a tree as she plummeted into the crowd below. Eventually, the 14-year-old was airlifted to a nearby hospital in New York, where Fox News discovered she was in stable condition with no serious injuries.

The Sky Ride, which has no height requirement, according to the Daily News, was closed after the incident, and an investigation has begun as to why the ride malfunctioned.