Getting By In College: 20 Year Old Funds Her Education By Dating Sugar Daddies

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College is expensive and the debt that comes after it is most definitely a concern for many college students. Not to mention, after you get done worrying about tuition, books, and meal plans, you don’t have any money left for anything else. It’s a dilemma every student encounters, but this girl handled the issue very differently.

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Emilee Bulea, a 20 year old college student in Goleta, California, gets more money than the average college student and in a peculiar way as well. Bulea is paid by upper-class men to accompany them on outings, dates, and other social events.


The rewards don’t just come in the form of money as Bulea tells us, “I have gotten invites to exclusive clubs, artist passes to events, music festivals, things like that.” She continued saying, “With the money I’ve bought a drone, I have a lot of dresses and they are usually around $300 a dress. I bought a $500 bra made from Swarovski crystals.”

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As you would imagine, this is definitely a questionable line of work for a college student, but Bulea is aware that this is not a long-term career at all.

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Her boyfriend, Jack, also states this saying, “If we continue dating I wouldn’t want this to be a lifelong career path for her. But in college, it just doesn’t bother me that much, everyone needs the money.”

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Like any man with a significant other, Jack was obviously taken by surprise with this revelation of his girlfriend going out at night for dinner dates with wealthy men.

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However, Bulea has very strict rules when it comes to “sugaring.” It is a job. “I think it’s okay to have a friendly hug or your hair touched. I think that’s okay. I think that is about the extent of it for me.”

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With these rules set, Jack and Emily seem to have a happy and functional relationship with a strong sense of trust between each other.

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When she first started out though, she was very shy about the topic and would occasionally lie and say she was a hostess. Nowadays, when she is with close friends, she comes out immediately with her job when asked. Don’t knock it till you try it because everyone needs to get by!

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h/t Daily Mail