The Best Tech Deals of Black Friday

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It is that time of year again when stores around the world slash prices in order to compete for the money Americans are willing to spend when they’re doped up on tryptophan in the post-thanksgiving-feast daze. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the technological wonders that will be available at Black Friday prices.

If you still don’t have an Xbox One S, now’s your chance. Target has a deal that includes a gift card, putting the price closer to $165.

Xbox Ones at Target

Perhaps you’re more of a PS4 type. The Sony PS4 Slim will be on sale for $200. That includes a 1TB hard drive.

PS4 at Newegg.

Need something a bit more practical? The Amazon Dot is the basic way to get to Alexa’s world. Amazon will have it on sale for $30 on Black Friday.

Amazon Dot at Amazon.

For those who would rather have something a bit fancier, there’s the Echo. The speakers are much better. This small package includes a woofer, tweeter and even has Dolby sound.

Amazon Echo at Amazon.

Google is trying hard to catch up with Alexa, and their hardware will be on sale, too. The Google Home Mini will be out there for $29.

Google Home Mini at Target.

If you are wanting the full-sized version of the Google, it will be available, too. Expect discounts in the $50 range, which should get you out the door for $80.

Google Home at Best Buy.

If you just want speakers, and waterproof ones at that, you can stick this one in your shower. Just don’t try talking to it. It won’t respond. The UE Boom 2 will be $80 at Best Buy’s Black Friday sale.

UE Boom 2 at Best Buy.

Perhaps you would rather get wear your tech. The Fitbit Charge 2 will be $100 most places. That’s the fancy one.

Fitbit Charge 2at Best Buy.

If you are just getting started with the Fitbit, the orginal will be available for much less, as the originals are now last year’s tech.

Fitbit at Target.

If you’d rather give the Fitbit a rest and do some couch-surfing, check out the TCL’s 55-inch Roku-powered Smart TV operating system. For $400 you get a 55-inch 4K TV with Roku.

55″ Roku-powered Smart TV at Amazon.

If you are looking for a tablet on the cheap, check out The Amazon Fire HD 8. At $50, this will be a steal.

The Amazon Fire HD 8.

Tthe 10-inch Fire HD 10 gives you two more inches, but will sell for $100. Still a bargain.

The Amazon Fire HD 10.

Amazon fans can also get the Fire TV Stick. If you use Amazon’s streaming services, this is a must. The deal on Black Friday should put the Stick well under $39.

Fire TV Stick.

Bose headphones have a dedicated cult following. The QC25 headphones are among the best, and only $179.

QC25 headphones.

If you’d rather save some money and go with a more minimalist look, the  BeatsX wireless headphones are just $100.

BeatsX wireless headphones.