Georgia Mom Charged with Murder After Dropping Her 3-Month-Old During a Fight at a Beauty Store [VIDEO]

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On July 19, 26-year-old Karen Lashun Harrison got into a physical altercation while she was holding her three-month-old son in her arms. As Harrison was speaking to another woman, the woman swung at Harrison with a shopping bag. Then, as Harrison prepared to fight back, she dropped her infant, causing him to land on the concrete parking lot.

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The incident took place outside of a beauty store in Moultrie, Georgia, according to a report by the Daily Mail. Harrison got into a fight with an unidentified woman in the parking lot and dropped her three-month-old son onto the concrete as the altercation turned physical.

Video of the altercation was captured by the store’s security cameras. In the footage, Harrison can be seen holding her infant son in one arm when another woman approached her.

The other woman took a swing at Harrison with a shopping bag, striking Harrison in the face.

After being hit, Harrison lost her balance and dropped her son as she got ready to fight back.

As the fight ensued, several people ran over. A bystander picked up Harrison’s son, who was lying on the ground as the women fought.

After the altercation, Harrison did not take her son to the hospital immediately. Instead, she waited a day. Then, she lied to police officers regarding how her child was injured. Harrison claimed that her son fell while he was in the care of a relative.

Carneata Clark, a 26-year-old friend of Harrison’s family, also allegedly provided false information to law enforcement regarding how Harrison’s son was injured.

Harrison’s son later died. An autopsy was performed, but the results have yet to be released.

Harrison faces multiple charges, including murder, first-degree cruelty to children, second-degree cruelty to children, simple battery, and affray.

Clark has also been charged with providing false information to law enforcement as well as obstruction.

“It’s very disturbing that two adults would fight in a public place while holding a three-month-old child in their arms,” said a spokesman for the Moultrie Police Department.

It isn’t clear why the women were fighting and the unidentified woman involved in the altercation has yet to be arrested or charged regarding the incident. The police investigation is still ongoing.