George Will Explains Why Baseball Will Always be the National Pastime. [VIDEO]

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There’s been a lot of talk over the years about whether baseball is still America’s national pastime. But legendary baseball fan George Will says there is no question in this video for Prager U.

Will explains that it’s not just the games popularity that makes it the national pastime but the way the game represents America. That it’s the most democratic of game. Yes, you need talent, but you needn’t be “7 feet tall or 7 feet wide” to succeed.

It’s a stunning reminder of what makes both baseball and America great.

Baseball: As Unique as America

It's the start of a new baseball season! And we have two questions: Why is baseball called "America's pastime"? And what makes it any more unique than, say, football, basketball, or hockey? #MLB #OpeningDay #MLBOpeningDay #Baseball

Posted by PragerU on Monday, April 4, 2016

And no baseball article is appropriate without this: