George W. Bush sneaks candy to Michelle Obama at John McCain’s funeral

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The death of Senator John McCain has brought new attention to the growing chasm between America’s political parties. There was a moment of unity at McCain’s funeral, though, that has captured a small moment of unity between Republicans and Democrats, and the tender gesture is now going viral.

Cameras caught the moment former President George W. Bush passed a piece of candy to former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The sly move came during Joe Lieberman’s eulogy at McCain’s memorial service in Washington National Cathedral, Saturday.

The Obamas and the Bushs were seated on the front row at the service. The Bush family and the Obamas have never appeared to allow their respective political parties to stand in the way of their friendship.

President Bush took a piece of candy from his wife’s hand and then covertly passed it over to Michelle Obama. The smiles on the faces there at the funeral were uncharacteristic for an event filled with sadness, but perfectly reflected the bipartisanship McCain himself often argued for.

The tender moment inspired Twitter users who said it represented a time when civility was the norm in politics.

“Seeing George Bush smuggle a piece of candy from his wife Laura to Michelle Obama while trying to be discreet gives me faith in the future of our Republic.”

‘The camera just cut away from Joe Lieberman’s joke about John McCain to Laura Bush just passing a hard church candy to Michelle Obama thru George Bush and it might be the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen,’ tweeted Amee Vanderpool.

Not all of the responses were positive, though. Many felt like the celebration of the moment might be missing a bigger picture, and took the moment to point that out.

“I don’t care if he’s slipping Michelle Obama candy at a funeral, Bush took advantage of 9/11, established the Patriot Act, invaded Iraq, and led the US into its worst economy since the great depression. To quote @RossBarkan, ‘the blood on George W. Bush’s hands will never dry.'”

“Me every time I see a gushing tweet about Bush sharing some candy with Michelle Obama.”

“Oh look here isn’t it cute: one mass-murderer war criminal passing candy to the wife of another. Both are there to eulogize a third of their kind. Keep your eye on the ball, and your wallet, and your humanity.”

Some were even critical of the thought of the political elite sharing candy at a funeral. A spokesman for the Bush family later told reporters that it was a cough drop.