French Government Had to Remind Citizens that Cocaine is Actually Not a Cure for Coronavirus

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There is a ton of misinformation about the COVID-19 floating around social media and the internet as a whole.

However, the most glaring piece of bad advice regarding the virus has to be this viral satire image that seems to show a screen grab of a news program explaining that cocaine kills the virus.

Most people recognize this for what it is, a lighthearted joke on social media.

However, it seems that the French government thought there were at least a few people who might take it too seriously, so an official update was released to remind people that doing hard narcotics is not a virus cure (or a good idea).

“No, cocaine does NOT protect against COVID-19,” a Ministry official said in a tweeted statement over the weekend. “It is an addictive drug that causes serious side effects and is harmful to people’s health.”

As our understanding of COVID-19 is constantly growing, it is imperative to not trust everything that is seen on social media and to vet sources carefully.

As of Monday, the Coronavirus has infected over 100,000 people across the globe and killed over 3,000 people. Most infections and deaths have occurred in mainland China.