Frat Boys on Spring Break Uses a Shark to ‘Shotgun’ a Beer. The Internet Swiftly Responded. [VIDEO]

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At most colleges, members of fraternities are considered the coolest guys on campus. At least lots of movies make it seem that way. All too often though fraternities make the news because somebody did something stupid while in a drunken stupor. This story is one of those stupid moments caught on tape.


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Spring break is in full swing for many colleges right now as thousands of college students are hitting the beach. Things can only go downhill fast when you add some alcohol and a helpless aminal into the mix.


Video of a frat boy has been making its way throughout the interweb that shows a group of college students who presumably caught a shark and brought it onto the beach.


The group then proceeds to hold the shark’s mouth open while one guy smashes a beer can into the shark’s teeth to perform a “shotgun” chug.

For anyone not familiar with “shotgunning” a beer, it is basically placing the beer can on its side, popping a whole or two in the side of the can, and then pulling the tab off the top of it. All the beer rushes out forcing the drinker to “chug” the beer.


The video has sparked controversy across various social media outlets with one of the commentators calling the boys “entitled.” Another viewer stated, “I hope the shark ate his arm off.”

One user on Twitter wrote, “So not okay. sharks deserve enough respect to not be used as a drinking prop by boys with a single digit IQ but OK pal.”


Instagram user azucarjustin commented by calling out their shotgunning skills: “I just don’t see how this is funny. It wasn’t even a good shotgun.”

One user on Facebook stated the obvious, “Shout out to the fact that it’s organs are currently crushing inside of its body so these douche bags can take a failed attempt at looking cool for 3 seconds.”


It’s one thing to drink excessively with the risk of injuring yourself, but to pull an animal out of the water for your three seconds of fame is a bit much, to say the least.