Fourth Grader Who Started Fire At Anti-Trump Rally in D.C. Has a Message For Trump [VIDEO]

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Though the largest marches and opposition to Donald Trump’s inauguration are scheduled for Saturday, the protests in the nation’s capitol are in full-swing. Police and federal law enforcement agencies are expecting more civil disobedience than at any time in the past, but they weren’t expecting preteen arsonists.

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Washington D.C. saw a number of protests Thursday night. Most of those gathered to protest the impending inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump kept their protests peaceful. Those that did step-up their incivility did so in the predictable ways: some damage to property, some minor scuffles, even some fires.

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Those starting the fires, though, are shocking authorities. One fire outside of the National Press Club was started by a young boy. The unabashed arsonist spoke openly about his motives with Fox News.

“Why did you start the fire?” asked Fox reporter Griff Jenkins.

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“Because I felt like it, and because I’m just saying, ‘Screw our president!'” the boy, who says his name is Carter, bragged. Immediately after making the declarative statement, Carter strikes a defiant pose. Reports are stating that Carter is 12.

“O.k.,” Jenkins says, “there you go. Even young people out here, as well as the traditional activists.”

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The protestors had gathered outside of Trump’s D.C. hotel, and then the crowd flowed to the “Deplor-a-ball.” Outside of the National Press Club, they began lighting fires.

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The protests planned for Friday are intended to disrupt the flow of traffic surrounding the inauguration. Protestors plan to choke vital traffic points, and prevent people from entering security check points.

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To counteract their efforts, the government has enlisted thousands of additional police officers from across the country. Some of those officers met aggressive protests on Thursday. While some of the protestors were met with tear gas, and others arrested, most of the altercations seemed to fit with the expectations of law enforcement.

No word yet on what charges any of the arsonists, including this boy, will face.