Former Secret Service Agent Warns Armed Drone ‘Swarms’ Are ‘Grave’ Threat to President

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An alert issued by a former Secret Service agent suggests President Trump is facing a “grave” threat from high-tech weapons including armed drone swarms, 3-D printed plastic guns and technologically advanced IEDs. Dan Bongino, a former member of the Secret Service and author of a book titled “Protecting the President,” raised the concerns about potential terrorist attacks against the president.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, Bongino stated, “This threat is grave,” and asserts that terrorists are interested in launching an attack against the president, who he refers to as their “ultimate prize.”

Bongino outlines that swarms of weaponized drones could be used against the White House or in any location in which the president is present, and suggests that the Secret Service is ill-equipped to handle such threats as they are predominately trained to manage ground-based attacks.

In his book, Bongino wrote, “Distractions from the sky, whether planes or drones, create additional security complications for an obvious reason: Secret Service agents and officers cannot fly.”

He goes on to assert that terrorist organizations have been examining the potential of drones “for a long time,” but that “the real threat comes from the more spectacular swarm attacks.”

Bongino also expressed concern about 3-D printed firearms that may be capable of passing through traditional security measures, such as metal detectors, along with the vast array of teaching aids terrorists can find online.

“The compounded effects of what I’d refer to as terrorism MOOCs – massive, open, online courses – describing, in detail, how to commit these types of attacks and the growing commercial availability of drones and 3-D printing devices, the terrorists have an advantage that can’t be countered with traditional thinking,” said Bongino.

He also states that suicide attacks don’t require much planning, making it more challenging for Secret Service members and other authorities to detect an event before it occurs.

Bongino wrote in his book, “A tactical attack on the president is likely being planned right now. Terrorists seeking media attention for their heinous acts have long understood that a successful attack on the president of the United States is the ultimate prize.”

Bongino asserts that his goal in releasing the warnings is to instigate change in how threats against US leaders are addressed, including recommendations to do everything from updating counter-terror plans to improving physical security measures, such as replacing the iron fence surrounding the White House with a more sophisticated option that can detect movement near the perimeter.

He added, “Sticking with a ‘that’s how we’ve always done it’ approach to the threat of a massive, coordinated assault on the White House is a guaranteed strategy for failure on a grand scale in this new environment.”