Former Officer Running for Sheriff Jokes About Killing Defiant Gun Owners [VIDEO]

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The topic of gun control has polarized American political discourse. Many Americans feel guns are harming society while others feel that their Second Amendment rights are being infringed upon each time someone suggests limiting access to guns. This fear only worsened when a candidate who is running for sheriff implied harming gun owners was okay.

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Daryl Fisher, who is running as a Democrat for sheriff in Buncombe County, North Carolina, suggested its “okay” to kill gun owners during a city meeting. “You’ve heard people say: ‘You’ll have to pry my gun from my cold, dead hands.’ Okay!”

He said this about gun owners who refuse to surrender their guns. Disturbingly, those in attendance applauded and laughed at the idea of killing people who have legally obtained their firearms and has no intention of hurting innocent people.

Many were caught off guard by his remarks as he had been in law enforcement since 1958, The Federalist reported. He announced his candidacy in June 2017.

After receiving backlash from his statement, Fisher went on Facebook to clarify what he classified as a misinterpretation.

“There is one statement that many up to now have taken offense to,” Fisher wrote. “That statement starts out with language similar to, ‘Don’t believe the scare tactics,’ and I say that some gun enthusiast might say, ‘You will have to pry my gun from my cold dead hands.’”

He went on to echo his “sensible gun laws” that he would like to see implemented.

He said he would ban standard capacity magazines for everyone. Fisher is running on the slogan “Justice For All,” which many felt was ironic seeing how he is wants to take away a constitutional right.

His candidacy may just be getting started, but it seems he is learning the first rule of politics: Don’t say anything disparaging about a group of people, especially if you’re being recorded.