Former Military Woman Chases Down and Tackles Flasher While Jogging, but Passersby Wouldn’t Call 911 [VIDEO]

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Police are looking for a man who allegedly flashed a woman when the two crossed paths while jogging. Instead of the woman running off in fear, she turned back around and gave chase. The woman, who was ex-Israeli military, pleaded for nearby people to call 911 while she tussled with the man, but people kept walking.

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The incident took place on July 18 in Boston, Massachusetts. Aia Polansky went for an early morning jog when the unidentified male pulled his shorts down and flashed the single mother twice and tried to brush her arm as he passed her, Fox News reported.

Massachusett Police released a video showing the moments after he allegedly flashed the 33-year-old woman. Polansky was listening to an audiobook when the ordeal took place and instead of fleeing in terror, she turned back around and confronted the man.

The man tried to get away but Polansky, a personal trainer, held the man’s arms behind his back and tried to hold him while she pleaded for people who were passing her to call 911.

“He picked the wrong victim,” she told Patch. “All I want is for women to stand up for themselves and for passersby to get involved.”

Four people walked by the incident and heard her pleas and did nothing. “I saw a guy pulling his pants down, I didn’t put a lot of thought to it but when he came towards me and pulled his pants down again all the way to his knees and reached his hand out, I realized this is not just an emergency, he is a flasher,” she told the Daily Mail.

When she was confronting the man, she could tell he was “really scared.” Since no one would assist her, she had to free one of her hands to call 911, and this is when he made his move to free himself and flee.

Polansky was understandably angry at the people who did not help. “People respond for God’s sake if someone is saying call the police, everybody is trying to stay away don’t get involved my day would be destroyed.”

She added: “Five minutes later I could’ve have been raped there in the corner you guys really too busy with your day to just call the police?”

Despite the man getting away, Polansky is confident he will be found since the footage got a good shot of his face. Stoically, she turned to the camera and said: “I’m going to get you, darling.”