Former High School Classmates of Elderly Man Offer Help After Hearing of His Eviction

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An elderly Memphis man had trouble with his landlord and was evicted from the apartment he’d lived in for almost a decade. His belongings were removed from the dwelling and scattered across the lawn, and the local animal shelter even picked up his cats and placed them up for adoption. Then, a local news station got wind of his story.

As reported by WREG, Titus Blade Steele, 69, attempted to sell his belonging, as he had nowhere to store his items. A Local reporter found out that Steele had documented his entire life story and discovered a portfolio that included an article about Steele’s brother’s murder.

The items also showed Steele was once an artist, traveler, and writer, with articles and newspaper clippings telling storied about his murals, gallery appearances, and volunteer hours spent helping the community.

Steele explained to the reporter that his experiences had led him to take in stray cats, and he helped over 20 animals over the years.

About a month after Steele’s story was chronicled on the local news, the stations found Steele at his sister’s home, wanting to share the concern and offers of help the producers had received after the piece aired.

Many offers of support were from former classmates from Steele’s time at Memphis Technical High School. Steele was considered “a pioneer in the school system” as he was one of the first African-Americans to attend the classes at the high school.

One of the letters from a former classmate said, “With your warm and cheerful smile, you broke down barriers and made friends that will last a lifetime.”

Steele’s former classmates came together, gathering donations that totaled approximately $1,500.

After receiving the funds, Steele said, “It’s generous, and I feel like crying.”